Region 1 Canadian-Upper Red Flood Planning Region

Region 1Twenty-one (21) major lakes and reservoirs are located completely or partially within this region along the Canadian River in the panhandle and the upper reaches of the Red River and their many tributaries along Texas’s Northern border. The Pease River, Wichita River and Little Wichita River feed the Upper Red River before it enters Lake Texoma in the adjacent Region 2. Region 1 includes large expanses of the High and Rolling Plains in the Texas panhandle.

For a detailed map of Region 1, please visit the Texas Natural Resources Information System (TNRIS) Flood Planning Regions Map Collection.

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Population Estimate (2019): 603,648

Approximate Area: 34,616 square miles

Approximate Stream Miles: 20,223

Approximate NFIP Claims (1975-2019): $29,850,539

Counties Represented:

*indicates this county is partially within this RFPG and is also represented by at least one other RFPG

Major Cities (Population greater than 25,000):

Major Lakes & Reservoirs:

Ecoregions of Texas Represented:

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Planning Group Sponsor Contact: Panhandle Regional Planning Commission, Dustin Meyer, (806) 372-3381

Planning Group Chair: Floyd Hartman, (806) 378-9086

TWDB Contact: Please see Flood Planning Staff contacts for the assigned regional flood planner.