Water Conservation Plans

Water Conservation Plan (User Portal)

Water Conservation Plans are due every 5 years by May 1st.

The purpose of a Water Conservation Plan is to ensure water use efficiency within your operation. The Water Conservation Plan is a strategy or combination of strategies for reducing the consumption of water, reducing the loss or waste of water, improving, or maintaining the efficiency in the use of water, or increasing recycling and reuse of water.

Do I have to submit a Water Conservation Plan?

There are three instances when a water conservation plan should be submitted to the TWDB:

  1. entities applying for or currently receiving financial assistance of greater than $500,000 from the TWDB.
  2. entities with 3,300 connections or more.
  3. entities that have a surface water right through TCEQ.

Each entity that is required to submit a water conservation plan to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) should be sure to follow TCEQ's water conservation plan guidelines. Please submit a copy of the plan to the TWDB, and report annually to the TWDB on the entity's progress implementing the plan.

Resource links to associated rules are available for review:

How to prepare your Water Conservation Plan

Your Water Conservation Plan should contain all the components listed in the Water Conservation Plan Checklist (TWDB Form - 1968)

Please reference the document: What is a Water Conservation Plan?

These Reports Must be Completed in Order:

  1. Water Use Survey
  2. Water Loss Audit
  3. Annual Conservation Report
  4. Utility Profile
  5. Water Conservation Plan