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The mission of the water conservation staff is to provide leadership, planning, education, information, technical assistance, and agricultural financial assistance for water conservation in Texas.

In the 2022 State Water Plan, agricultural, municipal, and industrial conservation and rainwater harvesting strategies would produce an estimatd 2,223,000 acre-feet of water supply by 2070. This constitutes about 29 percent of the all reccomended water management strategies in the state in the state water plant. to meet water supply needs in 2070. Agricultural conservation accounts for 1,197,000 acre-feet (15.6 %), municpal conservation for 977,000 acre-feet (12.7%), industrial conservation for 44,000 acre-feet (0.6%), rainwater harvesting for 5,000 acre-feet (0.1%).

We take pride in providing services that help Texans establish effective water conservation programs by implementing best management practices. Our staff supports the Water Conservation Advisory Council in their mission to establish a professional forum for the continuing development of water conservation resources.

We assist with required municipal water conservation plans and water loss audits, collect data for required plans, water loss audits, and annual reports, and provide resources for industrial, commercial, institutional water conservation programs. A guidance and methodology report is available for assisting in the preparation of water use reports, water conservation plans, and reports on water conservation efforts.

We also have ongoing programs for conservation education and public outreach to promote water conservation and develop water resource educational programs.

What's New

  • Save Texas Water 2024 Blue Legacy Awards - Submit an application by September 5th, 2024 deadline. The Water Conservation Advisory Council created the Blue Legacy Awards to identify and showcase responsible stewardship of our water resources and to honor those whose practices enhance conservation of water. These prestigious awards will be given for five categories and presented at the Water for Texas Conference hosted by the TWDB on January 29, 2025.
  • Statewide Water Conservation Quantification Project
  • Municipal Water Conservation Planning Tool
  • Total Water Loss Control Program Workshops
  • Water IQ: Know Your WaterThe Water IQ program is a statewide public awareness program that complements existing local and regional conservation efforts while carrying the conservation message to communities that do not have the financial resources for a program of their own.