Current Water Bank Deposits

Basin River/ Stream Quantity Available Location Comment Posted
Colorado Clear Creek thence San Saba 41.47 acre-ft Menard County, West of Menard lease, at $50 per acre-ft per year 7/16/02
Colorado Colorado River 203 acre-ft Mills County, North of Richland Springs 5 year lease, at $50 per acre-ft per year 8/21/01
Colorado San Saba River 23 acre-ft Menard County Lease 6/05/01
Colorado San Saba River 15 acre-ft Menard County Lease 3/30/04
Colorado San Saba River 17 acre-ft Menard County lease, at $30 per acre-ft per year 6/9/05
Colorado South Llano River 145 acre-ft Kimble County Lease 5/14/09
Rio Grande Rio Grande 47 acre-ft Zapata Lease or Sale 2/27/03
Guadalupe San Marcos River 580 acre-ft Caldwell County Lease; Municipal, industrial and irrigation purposes


Brazos Double Mountain Fork 1016 acre-ft Haskell County Lease; irrigation purposes