Water Planning Glossary

Ac-ft (Acre-Foot)
An acre foot is an amount of water sufficient to cover one acre with one foot of water and equals 325,851 gallons.
Census Designated Place (CDP)
CDPs are described as "communities that lack separate governments but otherwise resemble incorporated places. They are settled population centers with a definite residential core, a relatively high population density, and a degree of local identity. Often a CDP includes commercial, industrial, or other urban types of land use." (U. S. Census Bureau. Geographic Areas Reference Manual ) CDPs are delineated by State and local agencies before each census and may change between censuses. CDPs are often served by water utilities that may receive their own projections, so very few of the CDPs are listed as Water User Groups (WUGs). Those CDPs which are present in the population and water demand projection tables are large military bases or the only populated area in a county.
Areas within a county that are not within the boundaries of a projected city or within the service area of a projected utility; generally rural areas.
Gallons Per Capita Daily
Municipal Water Demand
Water to be used for municipal purposes in the future. Municipal purposes include residential, commercial, institutional and public use. It does not include sales to water-intensive manufacturing plants or to other municipal water suppliers.
Non-Municipal Water Demand
Water to be used in the future for the purpose of steam-electric power generation, mining, manufacturing, irrigated agriculture and livestock raising.
Plumbing Code Savings
An estimation of the amount of water (GPCD or average per-person) that will be saved by the conversion to more water-efficient fixtures as described in the State Water-Efficient Plumbing Act passed in 1991. Those housing units built before the law came into effect will, over time, replace their old fixtures with the new water-efficient fixtures. This will result in a lower average GPCD for the entire city or utility.
A public or private entity which provided water directly to municipal customers. For the majority of the utilities, an acronym is listed after the name describing the type of utility.
Utility-type Acronyms
  • FWSD - Fresh Water Supply District
  • MWA - Municipal Water Authority
  • MUD - Municipal Utility District
  • PUD - Public Utility District
  • WCID - Water Control and Improvement District
  • WD - Water District
  • WS - Water System
  • WSC - Water Supply Corporation
Water Demand
The future amounts of water expected to be needed in dry-year conditions. The water amounts are listed in acre-feet per year. An acre-foot of water per year is roughly 900 gallons per day.
Water User Group (WUG)

WUGs are defined as one of the following:
  • Cities with Census 2000 population equal to or greater than 500.
  • Select Census Designated Places
  • Utilities that provide more than 280 acre-feet of municipal water per year (an average of 250,000 gallons per day)
  • Rural / unincorporated areas of municipal water use, summed for each county (referred to as "County-Other")
  • Manufacturing, steam-electric power, mining, irrigated agriculture and livestock water use by county.
Regional Water Planning Group (RWPG)
The State of Texas is divided into 16 distinct planning areas (A-P). These areas were designated by the Texas Legislature and represent different parts of the state with their own unique water issues.