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Education and Service Learning

The TWDB has a mission to provide leadership, planning, financial assistance, information, and education for the conservation and responsible development of water for Texas.

The TWDB provides water resource educational programs for all age groups and provides teacher training workshops on water conservation. For information on K-12 water conservation education resources, visit the TWDB Kids page.

The TWDB also works with community members to encourage Service-Learning in schools. Service-Learning is a method of teaching, learning, and reflecting that involves student involvement and community service.

The TWDB promotes the School Water Audit, which is part of the Service-Learning project Put Some Blue In Your Green School and also promotes the Rainwater Harvesting Service Learning Project. Both Service-Learning projects help schools become efficient water users and raise awareness about the need for good stewardship practices of water resources within the community.

Loan Programs and Tax Incentives

Additional Resources

Alliance for Water Efficiency

Alliance for Water Efficiency

An organization dedicated to the efficient and sustainable use of water.  The TWDB is a bronze charter sponsor and an early supporter.

EPA WaterSense

Designed to make it easy for Americans to save water and protect the environment by choosing water efficient products and services.  Items that meet WaterSense specifications must be independently tested and/or certified, and only then can they carry the WaterSense label.

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

A state agency dedicated to protecting Texas' human and natural resources.  Their goal is clean air, clean water, and the safe management of waste.

American Water Works Association

American Water Works Association

An organization for the purpose of providing information pertaining to the management of water-works, for the mutual advancement of consumers and water companies, and for the purpose of securing economy and uniformity in the operations of water-works.

Green Plumbers America

An organization that strives to train, equip, and provide an army of knowledgeable green plumbers and contractors across North America, delivering water and energy conservation products and services to consumers and businesses.