Aquifer Storage and Recovery Projects

Current Projects

Project Start Date End Date Total Cost Keywords
Corpus Christi Aquifer Storage and Recovery Feasibility January 2016 August 2019 $1,857,708 Gulf Coast Aquifer
  January 2016 March 2019 $563,000 Edwards Aquifer
Victoria Aquifer Storage and Recovery Demonstration Project January 2016 May 2019 $570,225 Gulf Coast Aquifer

Completed Projects

Date Completed Project Contract Number Contractor Funding
5/2019 New Braunfels Aquifer Storage and Recovery Demonstration
1600011957 Edwards Aquifer Authority / Arcadis-U.S., Inc. $281,500
6/2018 Lane City Reservoir Project: An
Innovative Approach to Water Supply Development
1400011761 Lower Colorado River Authority $2,411,432
2/2011 An Assessment of Aquifer Storage and Recovery in Texas 0904830940 Malcolm Pirnie, Inc. $102,100
2002 Identification of Geographic Areas in Texas Suitable for Groundwater Banking 2001-483-388 Daniel B. Stephens & Associates, Inc. and Bureau of Economic Geology