Texas Water Bank & Trust

The Texas Water Bank, including the Texas Water Trust, is managed by the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB). The Bank facilitates the marketing and transfer of water and water rights through the provision of information describing availability and needs for water in the State.

Water Bank

The Texas Water Bank was created by the 73rd Texas Legislature in 1993 as a mechanism to allow for and assist in the voluntary transfer of water rights between willing buyers and sellers. The transfer may be either temporary or permanent, and in most instances, will require a permit modification from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

Water Trust

The TWDB also administers the associated Texas Water Trust in which water rights are held for environmental purposes. With approval from the TCEQ, water rights held in the Trust are not subject to cancellation or forfeiture, either for a period of time specified by contract or in perpetuity. The Trust offers a significant opportunity to acquire, by donation, lease, or purchase, water rights for environmental purposes in accordance with the statute.

Please contact Ron Ellis (ron.ellis@twdb.texas.gov) at (512) 463-4146 with questions and/or comments about the Texas Water Bank or Water Trust.