One goal of the Texas Water Development Board is to produce professional materials that inform and educate Texans on water-related issues. The Texas Water Development Board freely grants permission to copy and distribute its materials. The agency would appreciate acknowledgment.

2022 State Water Plan

State Water Plan (2022)

The 2022 State Water Plan was adopted by the Board on July 7, 2021.

To ensure the ongoing vitality of our economy, Texas’ citizens, water experts, and government agencies collaborate in a comprehensive water planning process. We plan so that Texans will have enough water in the future to sustain our cities and rural communities, our farms and ranches, and our homes and businesses while also preserving the agricultural and natural resources that have defined Texas for generations. The 2022 State Water Plan tells us that our population will continue its rapid growth. The plan also provides a roadmap for how to address the water needs that accompany that growth by identifying water management strategies and their associated costs for communities all across the state. The information in this plan is critical to ensuring that Texas has adequate and affordable water supplies both now and in the future.



The TWDB offers a variety of conservation brochures, as well as educational pieces for children.  They are available free of charge to the public in limited amounts, or for sale (cost recovery) when larger quantities are requested.

Program Information Sheets

Program Information Sheets

Information sheets cover a variety of water-related topics and are available digitally.  Subjects include groundwater, desalination, flood protection, and the TWDB's various grant and loan programs.