Surface Water Resources


To support TWDB's water resources planning and management efforts, the Surface Water Resources Division provides scientific and engineering expertise associated with data collection, analysis and modeling of surface waters in Texas to ensure the continued availability of water supplies and the maintenance of the ecological health and productivity of Texas rivers, streams, reservoirs, bays and estuaries.  Division activities include: (1) data collection, evaluation and dissemination; (2) model development and interpretation; (3) performance of investigations, surveys and research studies; (4) preparation of reports; (5) administration of Board-sponsored research contracts with universities, government agencies and private companies; and, (6) technical evaluation and review of reports and applications for financial assistance.

Products and Services of Business

Data, models and studies are provided to state water planners, regulators, lake and reservoir owners, and other decision-makers as required.  Publications are made available to the state library system.  Most surface water data collected by the Surface Water Resources Division, including lake hydrographic survey data, is published, a significant portion of which is made available to TWDB's customers, partners, and other interested parties via the agency website.  Additional data is made available upon request.

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