Aquifer Storage and Recovery Report: ASR Suitability Survey for the Lower Valley Water District, El Paso County, Texas

Study Summary:

The goal of this study is to provide the Lower Valley Water District (LVWD) in Clint, Texas with a refined suitability map for a potential aquifer storage and recovery project. This suitability map will include the hydrogeological characteristics of the Hueco Formation, potential sources of excess water to inject into the Hueco-Bolson aquifer, and a water needs analysis. The LVWD has identified a need for alternative water supply strategies due to declining water availability from the Rio Grande River. The injected water will be sourced from available surface water or highly-treated wastewater. This study will also identify data gaps present that will require further investigation.

The objectives of the study are to:

  • collect available well logs and interpret their lithologic characteristics;
  • collect data on excess water sources and needs from the LVWD and the 2022 State Water Plan;
  • incorporate newly created information into the publicly available BRACS Database and study GIS datasets;
  • prepare and publish study findings in a peer-reviewed TWDB report.
  • fulfill the Texas Water Code §11.155 mandate to “conduct studies of aquifer storage and recovery projects and aquifer recharge projects identified in the state water plan or by interested persons”.
Study Team Members:
James Golab
Study Start Date:
April 2022
Study Completion Date:
Winter 2023/2024
This study will aid the LVWD with the development of their proposed ASR project and will also be publicly available to researchers or other stakeholders interested in developing ASR projects.

Study Details


Study Investigators:

Texas Water Development Board
1700 N. Congress Avenue
Austin, TX 78711

James Golab, Ph.D., P.G.

Azzah AlKurdi

Engaged Stakeholders:

Lower Valley Water District
1557 F.M. Rd. 1110
Clint, TX 79836

Study Milestones

Event Date
Meeting with LVWD, Microsoft Teams April 1, 2022


  • April 1, 2022 - Project kickoff meeting

Final Report

  • The final report has not yet been produced