Rainwater Harvesting Documents

The links below provide access to our rainwater harvesting-related publications.

Legislative Reports


Rainwater Harvesting Potential and Guidelines for Texas, Report to the 80th Legislature, Texas Rainwater Harvesting Evaluation Committee.

The report to the Texas Legislature presents a narrative discussion, associated maps, illustrations, key findings and recommendations on the potential benefits and advantages of rainwater harvesting in Texas.



The Texas Manual on Rainwater Harvesting, Third Edition, 2005. TWDB Publication.

The manual serves as a primer on the basics of residential and small-scale commercial rainwater harvesting systems design. It is intended to serve as a first step in considering options for constructing a rainwater harvesting system or implementing a harvesting program.


RWH System Size Calculator

The calculator estimates the size of the rainwater harvesting system based on the user's inputs. The information in this file is provided as a public service, and should be used for estimation purposes only.

Rainwater Volumes from Roof Runoff

The map shows the average annual runoff from a 2,000 square-foot roof. The numbered lines on the map are isolines, connecting points of equal average annual runoff (in thousands of gallons).

Contract Reports


Rainwater Harvesting as a Development-Wide Water Supply Strategy, The University of Texas at Austin.

The report to the Texas Water Development Board investigated residential-scale rainwater harvesting systems as a water supply strategy for whole developments.



Effect of Roof Material on Water Quality for Rainwater Harvesting Systems, The University of Texas at Austin.

The report to the Texas Water Development Board investigated the effects of the roof material on the water quality of rainwater harvesting systems.

Papers and Articles


Rainwater Harvesting in the State of Texas, Sanjeev Kalaswad and Jorge Arroyo, Water Quality Magazine, Volume 13, Number, 10.

An article on rainwater harvesting in Texas.



Presentation for the Colorado River Watch Network Stewardship Workshop, Riverside Conference Center, Bastrop, Texas, June 2010, Jorge Arroyo and Linda McCall.

A presentation made by staff on rainwater harvesting in Texas.


Report on TWDB's Rainwater Harvesting Activities, Texas Rainwater Catchment Association Conference, March 20, 2009, Kerrville, Texas, Sanjeev Kalaswad.

A presentation made by staff about current and planned rainwater harvesting activities at the TWDB.