Historical Groundwater Pumpage

These groundwater pumpage estimates are produced using information from the annual Water Use Survey and water use estimates for the irrigation, livestock and mining categories. Periodically, the data reports are refreshed to include any new or corrected information. Please note that Historical Water Use Estimates are specific to the location where surface and groundwater is used by end users, whereas Historical Groundwater Pumpage Estimates are specific to the location where groundwater is pumped from the aquifer. The location of use may not necessarily be the same as the location of the source due to water transfers or purchases from other geographic areas.

Please read Frequently Asked Questions for more information on Water Use Survey estimates and how they are derived.

Groundwater Pumpage Estimates

Select a report link below, then filter from a dropdown menu on the top left of the report screen. After choosing from the dropdown menu, click 'View Report' on the top right portion of the screen to run the report. The data can be exported and saved as a PDF or Excel document.

For questions about the Water Use Survey, please contact the Water Use Survey Team, (512) 463-7952