Texas Water Bank Trust

The Texas Water Trust was created as a program within the Texas Water Bank with the adoption of Senate Bill-1 by the 75th Texas Legislature. 31 Texas Administrative Code Chapter 359 rules for the Water Bank address how the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) implements the Trust within the Water Bank. The Trust offers a significant opportunity to acquire, by donation, lease, or purchase, water rights for environmental purposes in accordance with the statute.

If you currently possess a water right issued by the TCEQ, or one of its predecessor agencies, you may wish to consider placing it in the water trust to help preserve aquatic life and habitat and ensure their availability to future generations. The first step involves either calling or writing the staff member listed below to relate the details of your existing water right. The second step would involve interaction with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department for the purpose of establishing a manager for, and specific details of, the trust contract for your right. The third step involves the filing of permit amendment documents with the TCEQ to add the appropriate use designation to your permit. The final step results in the transfer of your permit to the Trust in accordance with the trust contract and the TCEQ's approval.

The TWDB currently waives all fees for deposits to the water trust, although the other agencies may or may not.

Water Trust Deposits

River/Stream Quantity Term Location Date of Deposit Comments
Rio Grande 1236 Acre-ft Perpetuity Hudspeth Co. 08/18/2003 2 Water Rights: (1) Certificate of Adjudication No. 23-914, (2) Permit No. 3041
San Marcos Tributary to the Guadalupe River 33,108 Acre-ft Perpetuity Hays Co. 04/24/2006 Certificate of Adjudication No. 18-3865D

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