Municipal Water Conservation

In the 2022 State Water Plan, Conservation strategies represent approximately 29 percent, or 2.2 million acre-feet per year, of all recommended water management strategy volumes in 2070 and were recommended for more than half of the water user groups in the plan.

About 977,000 acre-feet in municipal conservation strategies is recommended in 2070, of which 320,000 acre-feet is associated with water loss reduction activities. Although measuring and tracking conservation implementation can be challenging, statewide average municipal per capita use has generally declined over the past decades, partly due to conservation implementation funded through multiple state financing programs. For municipal water users, approximately 26 percent of 2020 identified needs and 25 percent of needs in 2070 are addressed by recommended water conservation strategies alone.

TWDB staff can assist water utilities with:

  • water conservation plans,
  • data collection for the required conservation plans and annual reports,
  • and data entry and filing their water loss audits.

Required Submittals

Report Name Who is Required to Report When is Report Due Legislative Code
Water Conservation Plan Entities with loans greater than $500,000 (TWDB), 3,300 connections or greater (TWDB), a non-irrigation surface water right greater than 1,000 ac-ft/yr (TCEQ), or an irrigation surface water right greater than 10,000 ac-ft/yr (TCEQ). Plans are revised every 5 years. The next revision for many entities is due to TWDB, May 1, 2024. TWDB shall be provided a copy of Plans submitted to TCEQ. 31 TAC Chapter 363, Subchapter A, Rule 363.15 / TWC 15.106(b)
Water Conservation Plan Annual Report All entities with a Water Conservation Plan. Reports are due to TWDB every year by May 1st. 31 TAC Chapter 363, Subchapter A, Rule 363.15(g)
Water Loss Audit Retail public water suppliers with either an active financial obligation with the TWDB or having more than 3,300 connections should submit an annual water loss audit.  All retail public water suppliers must submit a water loss audit once every five years. Annual water loss audits are due by May 1 of each year for the previous year. The next audit for the five year cycle is due by May 1, 2026 for the year 2025. 31 TAC Chapter 358, Subchapter B, Rule 358.6 / TWC 16.0121
Water Use Survey Entities that have received a letter, generally municipalities with a population of 25 or greater, or high volume industrial water use. Surveys are due every year, 60 days after receiving a letter. 31 TAC Chapter 358, Subchapter B, Rule 358.5 / TWC 16.012(m)