Flood Research

The Texas Water Development Board is seeking individuals who are interested in serving on one or more review panels to support flood research projects. If you are interested in participating in a TWDB review panel, submit an online Flood Research Review Panel Interest Form for individual research project.

In 2019, the 86th Texas Legislature appropriated funding to the TWDB to support a variety of flood-related efforts, including research on topics of priority regarding flood. The TWDB subsequently initiated its Flood Priority Research efforts and formed a TWDB Flood Priority Research Steering Committee, made up of TWDB staff, to develop research initiatives and oversee the program.

Note that funding for some projects is augmented by sources other than the Flood Priority Research funding, and occasionally flood research projects are developed exclusively using other funding sources. Click on the project name above for more information.

During the 2022 - 2023 biennium, $700,000 was made available to support flood priority research, and five topics were chosen for funding:

In the program's first biennium (Fiscal Years 2020 - 2021), $600,000 was allocated to pursue four flood priority research projects:

Click on the project name above for more information. All project completion dates are estimates and are subject to change. Reports or other products developed by contractors may not be immediately available upon project completion as the TWDB may consider further modifications prior to public release.

For questions on Flood Priority Research work or specific projects, please send an email to floodpriorityresearch@twdb.texas.gov.

Non-Flood Priority Research Funded Research

The Flood Priority Research steering committee also oversees research projects that are funded outside of Flood Priority Research funds given by the legislature. Below is a list of projects from FY22. Click on the project name for more information.