Statewide Survey of Aquifer Suitability for Aquifer Storage and Recovery Projects or Aquifer Recharge Projects

Project Summary:

The objective is to conduct a statewide survey to identify the relative suitability of Texas’ major and minor aquifers for aquifer storage and recovery projects or aquifer recharge projects, produce public data in support of the survey, and prepare a report documenting and providing an overview of the survey. This work will fulfill a requirement of House Bill 721, passed by the 86th Texas Legislature in 2019.

TWDB Contract Manager:
Andrea Croskrey
Funding Recipient:
HDR Engineering, Inc.
Project Administrator:
Kristi Shaw, P.E., HDR Inc.
Bureau of Economic Geology, Collier Consulting, Cooper Consulting, Floodace, GeoSystems Analysis, Inc., and INTERA, Inc.
Project Start Date:
December 19, 2019
Project Completion Date:
October 31, 2020
Total Project Cost:
TWDB Share of Project Cost:

The statewide aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) and aquifer recharge (AR) suitability survey will result in a report and web-based, data display map. This information will enable water planners, such as river authorities, major water providers, water utilities, regional water planning groups, groundwater conservation districts, and potential public sponsors, to consider including ASR and/or AR projects as part of their water systems. The report and map will allow water planners to evaluate areas of Texas for ASR and AR suitability based on (1) major and minor aquifers with favorable hydrogeological characteristics, (2) the location and potential abundance of excess water for injection/infiltration, and (3) location of current and future water supply needs based on the 2017 State Water Plan. These considerations will hopefully result in site specific feasibility studies, field investigations, pilot testing, design, and construction of ASR and/or AR facilities. By modulating fluctuations in water supply, these facilities will help conserve the volume and improve the quality of Texas’ water supply as parts of integrated water management systems. Documentation of the suitability analysis will allow the TWDB to update the web-based map with water needs identified in the 2022 State Water Plan.

Project Details


Project Sponsors:

Texas Water Development Board
Andrea Croskrey - Contract Manager
1700 N. Congress Avenue
Austin, TX 78711

Funding Recipient / Project Manager:

HDR, Inc.
Kristi Shaw, P.E. – Senior Water Resources Engineer
4401 West Gate Blvd, Suite 400
Austin, TX 78745

Project Milestones

Event Date
Announcement of Request for Proposals in Texas Register October 10, 2019
Initial Statement of Interest received by TWDB November 12, 2019
Study approved by TWDB Board December 19, 2019
Contract executed January 31, 2020

Progress Reports


Final Report and Data