Leak Detection

Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) has leak detection equipment that utilities in Texas may borrow for free. This program will aid the utility in reducing water loss by locating leaks within the distribution system and verifying flow rates from production meters.

This equipment may be used to locate leaks on main lines, valve boxes and fire hydrants.

The equipment ranks among the industry's best current technology. It has the ability to filter out unwanted sound frequencies that would prevent you from pinpointing the leaks. This equipment can be borrowed for 30-days and as many times throughout the year, the utilities only cost is to prepay return shipping.

How to Borrow the Equipment

TWDB loans acoustical leak detection and ultrasonic flow meter testing equipment to help assist utilities identify leaks and determine flow rates. To borrow this equipment, please use the loan forms below.


Smoke Testers for Waste Water Applications

TWDB has smoke testers available for waste water applications. Please contact a Water Supply and Infrastructure Inspection and Field Support Services office near you.