Water Conservation Plan Annual Reports

The purpose of an Annual Report is to evaluate your entity's progress of program implementation for your water conservation plan.  The effectiveness of your water conservation plan is in the implementation of your water conservation program.  Reviewing your program annually will help to evaluate program successes and needs. Annual Reports are due every year by May 1st.

Do I have to submit an Annual Report?

The Annual Report requirement applies to an entity who meets any of the following criteria:

  • entities applying for or receiving financial assistance of greater than $500,000 from the TWDB;
  • entities with 3,300 connections or more;
  • entities that have a water right through TCEQ.

How to prepare your Annual Report

Step 1: The annual report form can be filled out electronically.  You will need to use Adobe Reader Version 9 or newer.  Double check that you have the latest version of Adobe Reader installed on your computer.  You can download a free version of Adobe Reader.

Step 2: Choose the appropriate form and Right click then Save Target as.

Failure to complete this step may reset your forms as you are entering data into the form fields.

    Please note: If you are using Google Chrome as your browser, you may experience problems with saving and/or submitting your annual report. Google Chrome uses its own PDF reader by default, even if you already have Adobe Acrobat installed. To change the default PDF reader, follow these steps. Open Google Chrome and type ’about:plugins’ into the website address bar at the top, then press the ENTER key to display Chrome’s Plugins page. Look down the list of Plugins for ’Chrome PDF Viewer’ and click on ’Disable’ to disable it – the plugin is now greyed out. Now look through the list of Plugins for your own PDF Viewer plugin, e.g. ’Adobe Acrobat’, and click on ’Enable’ to enable it – the plugin is not greyed out

    Retail Water Supplier (RWS) Form [TWDB Form - 1966]- Use this form if your entity is described as the following: You provide retail water for human consumption or non human consumption.  For example, you provide retail water to customers such as residents, industries, commercial businesses, institutions, or agricultural operations.

    Wholesale Water Supplier (WWS) Form [TWDB Form - 1969] - Use this form if your entity is described as the following: You provide wholesale water to another entity for human consumption or non-human consumption.  For example, you provide wholesale water to a municipality, water supply corporation, industry, commercial business, institution, or agricultural operation.

    Non Water Supplier (NWS) Form [TWDB Form - 1967] - Use this form if your entity is described as the following: Any individual, irrigation district, agricultural operation, or industrial operation that has a water right with TCEQ, or a water conservation plan requirement for TCEQ.

    Step 3: Begin completing the form and Periodically Save the form so that you will not lose data you have already entered.

    Step 4: When you have finished entering your data, Save your work and Print a copy for your records.

    Step 5: Click the Submit button to send the form electronically by email.  TWDB staff will send a notification that the report was received within one working day. If a confirmation email is not received, please call 512-463-7988. If the submit button does not work, attach the form to an email and send the email to wcpteam@twdb.texas.gov.