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Accessibility note: Many of these reports were scanned from hard copy originals and are not fully accessible for users of certain assistive technologies. However, if you need assistance with a specific report, please contact the Webmaster and we will provide a text-based copy or otherwise make every effort to help you.


Circulars are a short series of Texas Water Commission Reports that ran from 1962 to 1968. All available hard copies have been scanned.

  • Note 1: The Drainage Area reports all include the same maps: figure 1 Principal Physiographic Provinces and figure 2 River Basins of Texas. We link to them once here, rather than adding the same maps redundantly to each report.
  • Note 2: Several Circulars are old Publications lists you might find useful as a bibliographic reference. All publications mentioned are out of print and unavailable as hard copy; however, many have been digitized and made available on these TWDB Publications pages.
  • Circular 62-01 The Present Reconnaissance Study Program of the Chemical Quality of Streams in Texas (1962)
  • Circular 62-02 Drainage Areas of Texas Streams - Sabine River Basin (1962)
  • Circular 62-03 Drainage Areas of Texas Streams - Neches River Basin (1962)
  • Circular 62-04 Texas Index of Surface Water Records 1882-1961 (1962)
  • Circular 62-05 Drainage Areas of Texas Streams - San Jacinto River Basin (1962)
  • Circular 62-06 Publications of the Texas Water Commission (1962)
  • Circular 63-01 Drainage Areas of Texas Streams - Trinity River Basin (1963)
  • Circular 63-02 Texas Gulf Coast Industrial Water Supply (1963)
  • Circular 63-03 The Development of the Science of Hydrology (1963)
  • Circular 63-05 Summary of the Ground-Water Aquifers in the Rio Grande Basin (1963)
  • Circular 63-06 Publications of the Texas Water Commission (1963)
  • Circular 63-07 Drainage Areas of Texas Streams - San Antonio River Basin (1963)
  • Circular 64-01 Water Levels and Chemical Analyses from Observation Wells in the Dell City Area Hudspeth and Culberson Counties, Texas 1948 through January 1964
  • Circular 64-02 Annotated Bibliography of Ground-Water Publications and Open-File Reports of the Texas Water Commission and U.S. Geological Survey for Texas through August 1963
  • Circular 64-03 Publications of the Texas Water Commission (1964)
  • Circular 65-01 Drainage Areas of Texas Streams - Coastal Areas (1965)
  • Circular 3 Texas Water Development Board List of Publications (1968)

Intensive Surveys:

  • IS 86-01 Intensive Survey of Barton Creek segment 1430 (1986)
  • IS 87-02 Intensive Survey of Guadalupe River segment 1806 (1987)
  • IS 87-04 Intensive Surveys of San Antonio River segments 1901 and 1911 (1987)

Limited Distribution Reports:

  • LD-0163 Bacteriological Pollution of Ground Water in the Big Spring Area, Howard County, Texas (1963)
  • LD-0165 Manual of Computing and Modeling Techniques and their Application to Hydrologic Studies (1965)
  • LD-0262 Henderson Oil Field Area, Rusk County, Texas Investigation of Ground-Water Contamination (1962)
  • LD-0263 Ground-Water Availability at Whitney, Hill County, Texas (1963)
  • LD-0265 Investigation of Ground-Water Contamination in the Vealmoor Oil Field, Howard and Borden Counties, Texas (1965)
  • LD-0362 City of Valera, Coleman County, Texas investigation of ground-water contamination (1962)
  • LD-0364 Investigation of Ground-Water Contamination In the Juliana and West Jud Oil Fields, Haskell and Stonewall Counties, Texas (1964)
  • LD-0365 Investigation of Ground- and Surface-Water Contamination Near Harrold, Wilbarger County, Texas (1965)
  • LD-0564 Investigation of Ground-Water Contamination Coleto Creek Oil Field, Victoria County, Texas (1964)
  • LD-0664 Investigation of Alleged Ground-Water Contamination Near Kilgore, Gregg County, Texas (1964)
  • LD-0864 Investigation of Ground-Water Contamination from Cotton Seed Delinting Acid Waste, Terry County, Texas (1964)

Limited Printing Reports

Memorandum Reports:

  • MR-62-01 Ground-Water Conditions in the Vicinity of Burnet, Texas (1962)
  • MR-62-02 Reconnaissance Survey of Salt Water Disposal in the Mexia, Negro Creek, and Cedar Creek Oil Fields, Limestone County, Texas (1962)
  • MR-63-01 Brazos River Basin Reservoir Studies Chemical Quality and Stratification of Belton, Whitney, and Possum Kingdom Reservoirs (1963)
  • MR-63-02 Reconnaissance of Soil Damage and Ground-Water Quality, Fisher County, Texas (1963)
  • MR-63-03 Investigation of Ground-Water Resources near Fredericksburg, Texas (1963)

Miscellaneous Reports:

The following odds & ends and miscellaneous water-related reports may also be of interest.

Workshop Reports