Completed Studies

The Texas Instream Flow Program has funded research leading to the publication of the following reports:

Contract Number Report Title Date
1104831144 Aerial Assessment of Aquatic and Riparian Habitat in the Brazos River and Blanco River, Texas 2012
1004831127 Sediment Transport Modeling of Channel Scale Geomorphic Processes 2012
0904830969 Evolution of Oxbow Lakes along the Brazos River 2012
1004831025 Large woody debris in the lower San Antonio River 2012
0904830970 Habitat Requirements of the Golden Orb 2012
0904830899 Sediment Transport Modeling of Reach Scale Geomorphic Processes 2012
0704830779 Characterization of Geomorphic Units in the Alluvial Valleys and Channels of Gulf Coastal Plain Rivers in Texas, with Examples from the Brazos, Sabine, and Trinity Rivers, 2010 dated cover page 2012
1104831147 Geomorphic Responses to Changes in Flow Regimes in Texas Rivers 2012
1004831024 Channel Change Caused by Water and Sediment Distribution in the San Antonio River Deltaic Plain 2011
1004831021 Sabine River Riparian Vegetation Assessment Related to Flow Modifications 2011
0904830898 Rates of Channel Migration on the Brazos River 2011
100011020 Riparian Productivity in Relation to Stream Dynamics Along Two Rivers: San Antonio and Brazos, in Central/South Texas 2011
1000011022 Hydraulic Units of the Lower Sabine River 2011
0904831034 Geomorphic Processes, Controls, and transition Zones in the Guadalupe River 2011
0704830783 The Sabine River Riparian Ecotone: A Definition and Methodology for Delineation 2010
0600010583 Floodplain Lake Formation and Dynamics in the Lower Reaches of Large Texas Coastal Plain Rivers: Brazos, Guadalupe, and San Antonio Rivers 2010
0704830778 Distributional Survey and Habitat Utilization of Freshwater Mussels (Family Unionidae) in the Lower Brazos and Sabine River basins 2010
0604830630 Historical Zoogeography and Abundance of Fishes in Two Texas River Basins with an annotated species list 2009
0900010959 Single Beam Bathymetric Survey of Brazos River from East Columbia to the Gulf of Mexico 2009
0704830780 Historical channel adjustment in the Lower Sabine River and Lower Brazos River Basins 2009
0900010976 Fluvial Focal Species Summary Report for the Sabine/Neches BBEST 2009
0604830631 Distributional Survey and Habitat Utilization of Freshwater Mussels 2008
0704930781 Geomorphic Process, Controls and Transition Zones in the Middle and Lower Trinity River 2008
0704830782 Geomorphic Units of the Lower Sabine River 2008
2005483033 Fish Assemblage Changes in Three Western Gulf Slope Drainages 2008
0600010569 Base Flow (1966-2005) and Streamflow Gain and Loss (2006) of the Brazos river, McLennan county to Fort Bend County, Texas, 2006 2008
0600010595 Geomorphic Processes, Controls, and Transition Zones in the Lower Sabine River 2008
0600010585 Sediment budgeting in the upper and middle basins of the Brazos and Trinity Rivers, TX 2008
0604830637 Geomorphic Classification of the Lower San Antonio River, Texas 2008
0604830638 Channel Change on the San Antonio River 2008
2005483561 Biologic Data Collection - Brazos River Study Area 2007
0604830567 Lower Sabine Sampling Report 2007
0605830636 Geomorphic Equilibrium in Southeast Texas Rivers 2007
0604830639 Field Data Collection in Support of Geomorphic Classification of the Lower Brazos and Navasota Rivers 2007
2005483564 Geomorphic Context, Constraints, and Change in the Lower Brazos and Navasota Rivers, Texas 2006
2005483562 San Antonio River Baseline Fish Sampling Report 2006
2003483494 NAS Review - The Science of Instream Flows: A Review of the Texas Instream Flows Program 2005
2004483015 Instream Flows Report for Brazos, San Antonio, and Sabine River Authorities 2005
2004483010 Hydrodynamic Modeling in Rivers with Submerged Large Woody Debris 2004
2003483493 Response of Oxbow Lake Biota to Hydrologic Exchanges with the Brazos River Channel 2004
2001001015 Analysis of Instream Flows for the Lower Brazos River 2004