Samuel Jackson Incorporated


  • Category: Manufacturing
  • Organization Location: Lubbock, Texas
  • Activity: Harvest rain off facility roof and store 90,000 gallons for use on site.


Established in 1948, Samuel Jackson, Inc., in Lubbock produces moist air generators that optimize cotton moisture content to preserve yield and fiber qualities while reducing the gin press cycle time for more profitable operation. Following the 2011 drought, their groundwater wells could not produce as much high quality water as the plant needed. After exploring a number of water supply solutions, they found that nothing compared to the quality of rainwater.

Rain falling on the plant’s roof is captured, stored, filtered, and used on site, eliminating the need to pump groundwater. In fact, the plant can sustain its operations on a total annual rainfall of only six inches. In addition, any chemicals used in the manufacturing process are greatly enhanced reducing chemical costs by as much as 50 percent compared to using well water with much higher total dissolved solids.

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