Bethune Project


  • Category: Residential
  • Organization Location: Kerr County, Texas
  • Activity: Harvest rain for both potable and nonpotable use.


The Bethune Family contacted Harvest Rain to design and build a water supply solution to replace their aging and inconsistent well near Kerrville. A newly constructed riding arena provides a 14,000 square foot catchment surface that fills two 30,000-gallon water tanks. Pressurized lines separate the rainwater for multiple uses.

The nonpotable supply runs through a sediment filter to prevent any debris from clogging irrigation lines in the arena. The potable water runs through a sediment filter, a carbon filter, and an ultraviolet light use prior to use in the home. This large capacity system not only supplies all the needs of the property, it prevents erosion around the arena and conserves precious groundwater.

2016 winners: