Martin Family Farms


  • Category: Agricultural
  • Organization Location: Terry County, Texas
  • Activity: Harvest rain off barn roof for filling chemigration spray rigs.


When their new well only produced two gallons per minute from the Ogallala Aquifer, Glen Martin of Martin Family Farms began searching for an alternative water supply. Fortunately, the boards of the South Plains Underground Water Conservation District and the Terry Soil and Water Conservation District were simultaneously searching for a local producer interested in cost-sharing a rainwater harvesting project.

After submitting his idea to collect rain from the 20,000 square foot barn, both boards pledged to assist with the design and installation of 30,000 gallons of storage capacity. The water is used in the barn and for filling chemigation spray rigs. The Martins noted that fewer chemicals can be sprayed on crops because of the nearly neutral rainwater. In addition, this is the first system using harvested rainwater for agriculture in the county and was a featured stop on the annual Terry County Farm Tour.

2016 winners: