Kinney CountyGroundwater Flow ModelThis map shows the extent and location of the Kinney County Groundwater Flow Model.

Kinney County Groundwater Conservation District requested an evaluation of its groundwater resources and the effects of potential groundwater withdrawal at wells on springs and river flows. Specifically, the county was interested in maintaining reasonable flows at the three largest springs (Las Moras, Mud, and Pinto springs) under potential future groundwater use conditions. As a result, TWDB developed this new groundwater flow model to address groundwater issues concerning the Edwards (Balcones Fault Zone) and Edwards-Trinity (Plateau) aquifers that underlie Kinney County.

Model Files

Please contact the GAM Section (512-936-0871) for a copy of model files. The model files are available in an electronic format with a small processing fee per CD/DVD.

Model Grid

Model grid cells are geographically assigned to counties, groundwater conservation districts, river basins, groundwater management areas, and regional water planning areas within the model study area using a centroid based approach. The model grid is available in ESRI® shapefile format and comma-delimited text file.

Download model grid.