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The North East Texas Regional Water Planning Area encompasses all or parts of 19 counties. Largely rural and characterized by numerous,small communities and some medium-sized municipalities, the region includes the cities of Longview, Texarkana, and Greenville. The planning area overlaps large portions of the Red, Sulphur, Cypress, and Sabine river basins and smaller parts of the Trinity and Neches river basins. The North East Texas Region's main economic base is agribusiness, including a variety of crops, as well as cattle and poultry production. Timber, oil and gas, and mining are significant industries in the eastern portion of the region. In the western portion of the region, many residents are employed in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area.

Region D Counties

  • Bowie
  • Cass
  • Camp
  • Delta
  • Gregg
  • Franklin
  • Harrison
  • Hopkins
  • Hunt
  • Lamar
  • Marion
  • Morris
  • Rains
  • Red River
  • Smith (partial)
  • Titus
  • Upshur
  • Van Zandt
  • Wood

Meeting Minutes & Updates

Upcoming Planning Group Meeting Schedule

Last Meeting: The North East Texas (Region D) Regional Water Planning Group (RWPG) met on April 16, 2014 in Mount Pleasant. Highlights include:

  • Approved execution of contract amendment between NETMWD and TWDB: The RWPG ratified NETMWD amendment #4 to the contract with TWDB to add scope of work tasks for project prioritization.
  • Approved posting notice for 8 membership terms starting September 1; 3 of the positions are term-limited. The RWPG approved NETMWD posting notice that 8 voting member terms are open, 3 of the membership terms are limited (cannot be renewed). These are Chairman McCoy, Sam Long (Agriculture), and Mike Dunn (municipalities).
  • Approved submitting prioritized projects from the 2011 regional water plan. The consultant and chairman are authorized to address comments received or guidance issued and submit the draft prioritization list by May 30, 3014.
  • Approved Jim Thompson developing brief for Region D as part of the interregional conflict resolution process. The RWPG approved former Chairman Jim Thompson, in collaboration with RWPG members, to draft the brief to be submitted to the TWDB governing Board as part of the interregional conflict resolution process.
  • Financial Report: The RWPG approved the invoice for payment to Hayes Engineering and RPS/Espey.

Meeting Minutes: visit the Region D Group Meeting Minutes Page hosted by TWDB.

TWDB Contact for Region D

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