Sycamore Springs Elementary/Middle School


  • Category: Educational/Governmental - School
  • Organization Location: Dripping Springs, Texas
  • Activity: Three-component system for toilet flushing and school ground irrigation.


The Sycamore Springs Elementary/Middle School of the Dripping Springs Independent School District uses three rainwater harvesting system components in its project. Two components are used for toilet flushing, and each consists of a 15,000-gallon metal cistern, 500-gallon day tank, sand filter, UV disinfection system, and variable speed pump. They are equipped with auto-fill systems which use the municipal water source as a backup during times of low rainfall. These systems have the combined potential to harvest 200,000 gallons of water during an average year. Toilet flushing is typically a high-use item for a school, and the district views using harvested rainwater as a perfect opportunity to reduce its municipal water demand.

The third system component is used to harvest rainwater for irrigating school grounds and consists of a 10,000-gallon cistern, internal-tank recirculating pump, sand filtration system element, and variable speed pump. The system is sized to capture 160,000 gallons in an average year and has an auto-fill system that uses municipal water as a backup.

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