Hennigan Residence


  • Category: Residential - Single Family
  • Organization Location: San Antonio, Texas
  • Activity: Technologic showcase of what can be accomplished with rainwater harvesting.


The Hennigan residence in San Antonio is a sustainable living demonstration remodel with rainwater management being one of several components. The rainwater component of the project employs both rooftop-capture and stormwater-runoff harvesting techniques.  It collects rainwater from three rooftops on the property and stores it in three cisterns with a combined capacity of 23,200 gallons. The water is filtered, disinfected, and used as a potable water source for the home. The system is expected to decrease municipal water demand by 89 percent.

The site also captures stormwater runoff. Vegetated swales direct runoff from uphill, adjacent properties into two detention basins equipped with sump pumps. The water is then pumped into two 30,000 gallon cisterns and gravity fed to another 10,000 gallon cistern where it is used for irrigation. Overflow from the potable system is also directed to the irrigation system to maximize storage.

2017 winners: