San Saba Garden Club


  • Category: Educational
  • Application Sponsor: Ann McElroy, President
  • Organization Location: 1107 East Commerce Street, San Saba, TX
  • Activity: Transformed the grounds of the Senior Center


The Garden Club transformed the grounds of the Senior Center to provide a comfortable and inviting place for the residents of San Saba to relax and play. Along with planting native and adaptive trees and plants, the Garden Club planted a vegetable garden to provide food for the Senior Center. As part of the project, the Garden Club designed and built a rainwater catchment system with two 2,500 gallon tanks that supply water to the existing irrigation system.

The Garden club received grants from the Lower Colorado River Authority, Home Depot, the Senior Citizens Center, private donors, and in-kind contributions from the city of San Saba. Along with the Garden Club members, the project was constructed with help from Keep San Saba Beautiful, San Saba Senior Center, and the Community Action Association. Maintenance will be performed by the city of San Saba.

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