Texas A&M AgriLife Research & Extension Center


  • Category: Educational/Governmental
  • Application Sponsor: Clint Wolfe, Program Manager
  • Organization Location: 17360 Coit Road, Dallas, TX 75252
  • Activity: Retrofitted onsite housing to a WaterSense Labeled home


The Extension Center in Dallas focuses on best management practices for water conservation and water quality protection. Through research, education, and demonstrations, the Extension Center's educators reach a diverse audience from professionals to homeowners and youth.

In March 2013, along with partnerships with the city of Dallas and US EPA Region 6, the Extension Center completed the first retrofitted WaterSense Labeled home in Texas. This is the first home ever to receive certification as a renovation project and the first WaterSense home to have a rainwater harvesting system.

The cistern, along with drip irrigation and water efficient landscaping, uses 64% less water and is 90% more efficient than a traditional Texas yard. The rainwater harvesting system is a traditional design intended to be easily replicated by homeowners. The system is comprised of a 1,000 gallon poly tank with a first flush diverter and fill tube. The overflow is designed to drain into a dry creek bed and convey water to a rain garden. The system feeds 7 drip irrigation zones and 2 spray zones with a 1 horse power self-priming pump. The pump is hard wired into the irrigation controller with an onsite weather station.

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