City of Pflugerville


  • Category: Educational/Governmental
  • Application Sponsor: Patricia Rinehart, Conservatin Education Specialist
  • Organization Location: P.O. Box 589, Pflugerville, TX 78691
  • Activity: Hosted rain barrel sale and built a demonstration garden


In an effort to promote water conservation, the City of Pflugerville Public Works Department hosted their first Rain Barrel Sale in 2013 allowing residents to purchase affordable rain barrels for rainwater harvesting. The department sold 393 barrels to the local community. To promote the event, the city placed brochures in public locations and in city offices and advertisements in local newsletters. City staff also made a presentation at a city council meeting prior to the event. The city has received positive feedback on the program.

Also, during an expansion of the city library in 2013, the city installed a 4,900-gallon galvanized steel tank to collect water from the roof of the library for a fountain in the garden. The aim was to educate the residents on water conservation and to get them interested in and to consider rainwater harvesting for their own homes.

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