Texas A&M University - Interdisciplinary Life Sciences Center


  • Category: Government
  • Sponsor: Walter P. Moore and Associates, Inc.
  • Project Lead: Kevin P. Sullivan, P.E., Walter P. Moore and Associates, Inc.
  • System Location: College Station, TX 78133
  • Capacity: 37,400 gallons
  • Water Use: Non-potable: irrigation

Background and System:

Texas A&M University $100 million Interdisciplinary Life Sciences Center is a 220,000 square-foot LEED-certified structure that incorporates state-of-the-art environmental design.

The heart of the rainwater harvesting system at the Center is a large underground cistern consisting of a series of modular storage cells that are made up almost entirely of recycled material. Condensate from the building is also diverted to the cistern. The harvested rainwater and condensate are used to irrigate all of the vegetation around the building. By using harvested rainwater, the Center has reduced its usage of groundwater from the Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer.


The colleges of Architecture and Engineering use the Center as an example to teach sustainable building design, storm water management, and water conservation to students.


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