Katherine Anne Porter School


  • Category: Education
  • Sponsor: Self
  • Project Lead: Ms. Jordan Elliott-Pierce
  • System Location: 515 FM 2325, Wimberley, TX 78676
  • Capacity: 32,000 gallons
  • Water Use: Non-potable: irrigation, indoor toilets, washing vehicles, and backup supply for firefighting

Background and System:

The Katherine Anne Porter School in Wimberley is an accredited charter high school offering quality education to working students and students in danger of dropping out. The school fosters a love for learning, creative thinking, and community involvement.

Students at the school are very aware of environmental issues. With the help of grants from the Lower Colorado River Authority and other entities, and in partnership with local organizations such as Keep Wimberley Beautiful, Wimberley Lions Club, and the Pedernales Electric Co-op, the students installed several rainwater harvesting systems to collect and use rainwater at the school.

The harvested water is being used to irrigate an organic vegetable and flower garden, and a butterfly garden; all cared for and maintained by the students. It is also used to flush toilets inside the school, wash the school’s fleet of vehicles, and as a backup water supply for the Wimberley Volunteer Fire Station located next door.

As a direct result of the student’s initiative to harvest and use rainwater, the school’s water bill has been cut in half; from about $190 per month to about $90 per month.


As part of their education, the students are painting an artistic representation of the water cycle on the tanks. They also hold annual Earth day festivals and invite community members and students from surrounding schools to join in the educational activities.


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