BRACS studies

BRACS studies are conducted in-house by Innovative Water Technologies staff. A study typically consists of:

  • evaluating publically available water well records, geophysical well logs, and geologic reports,
  • entering information into the BRACS Database,
  • comparing top, bottom, and lateral extent of water–bearing geologic formations,
  • interpolating data points from BRACS Database to build new formation structures,
  • mapping the water-bearing portions of the aquifer and their hydraulic properties,
  • estimating salinity from water well records and geophysical well logs,
  • estimating volumes of brackish groundwater,
  • preparing geographic information system files, and
  • writing a report summarizing findings.

TWDB has completed four BRACS in-house studies and is currently working on two studies.

BRACS Studies map

Current Studies

Project Start Date End Date Total Cost Keywords
Wilcox, Carrizo, Queen City, Sparta, and Yegua Aquifers, Central Texas: Structure and Brackish Groundwater Spring 2013 Spring 2017 In-house Brackish, Groundwater, Aquifers
Lipan Aquifer: Structure and Brackish Groundwater Summer 2014 Spring 2017 In-house Brackish, Groundwater, Aquifers

Completed Studies

Complete Date Project Report Number Funding
09/2014 Brackish Groundwater in the Gulf Coast Aquifer, Lower Rio Grande Valley, Texas

Gulf Coast Aquifer GIS Datasets (128.0 MB)

383 In-house
05/2014 Queen City and Sparta Aquifers, Atascosa and McMullen Counties, Texas: Structure and Brackish Groundwater

Queen City and Sparta Aquifer GIS Datasets (23.6 MB)

14-01 In-house
09/2012 Geologic Characterization of and Data Collection in the Corpus Christi Aquifer Storage and Recovery Conservation District and Surrounding Counties

12-01 In-house
06/2012 Pecos Valley Aquifer, West Texas: Structure and Brackish Groundwater

Pecos Valley Aquifer GIS Datasets (92 MB)

382 In-house