Infrastructure Assessment Methodologies

Project summary:
The regional flood planning process asks each of the 15 Texas flood planning regions to identify its flood infrastructure and the associated condition (functional vs non-functional; deficient vs. non-deficient). Few communities have been able to generate and provide this information during the first planning cycle, which is currently underway.

The goal of this research is to develop readily usable planning-level infrastructure condition assessment methods, including a toolkit for assessing the condition of flood infrastructure at a regional planning level for future planning cycles. This research will also look at infrastructure assessment indicators currently identified in the TWDB Flood Planning Program and recommend enhancements as applicable.
Project deliverable(s):
A toolkit to support two levels of flood infrastructure assessment:
  1. A high-level assessment template that can be used directly by a city or county engineer, and
  2. A more sophisticated version that consultants or municipal staff, including those supporting the regional flood planning groups, can employ. This option may entail more sophisticated efforts, including use of GIS and other technical expertise.
Contractor (and Principal Investigator, if appropriate):
To Be Determined
Contract amount:
Approximately $200,000
Project lead:
Reem Zoun
Project timeline:
September 2022 - February 2024