Registry of Sellers

Basin Quantity Available Location Comments
Brazos - Mainstream 2,440 acre-ft/yr Waller County Posted 2-28-09
Brazos (on Slaton Draw trib - White River - Salt Fork) 80 acre-ft/yr Hale County, just upstream from Plainview Posted 1-20-06
Rio Grande 743 acre-ft/yr Presidio County 1925 Priority Date - Sell or lease - Posted: 11-9-00
Rio Grande (Ground Water) 90 mgd (est.) Val Verde County Trinity-Edwards formation
Rio Grande (Ground Water) 6 mgd (est.) Val Verde County Posted: 8-24-00
Rio Grande (potable water) 0.3 mgd (design desal facility) Zapata County Desalinized Ground Water
Colorado (South Llano River) 25 acre-ft/yr Kimble County, near Junction lease; 1893 priority date - Posted: 8-6-01
Colorado (South Llano River) 120 acre-ft/yr Kimble County, near Junction lease; 1911 priority date - Posted: 8-6-01
Colorado (San Saba River) 100 acre-ft/yr Menard County, west of Menard sell; 1904 priority date - Posted: 2-16-01
Colorado 140 acre-ft/yr San Saba County lease - 1912 priority date
Colorado 1000 acre-ft/yr San Saba County Certificate of Adjudication
Colorado (Kickapoo Creek within the Concho watershed - above Lake Ivy) 63 acre-ft/yr Concho County Priority Date: 2-27-1956, Permitted Use: Irrigation
Guadalupe River 5 acre-ft/yr Guadalupe County near Lake Dunlap Lease, permitted for municipal or irrigation use - Posted: 03-29-2011
Guadalupe River 262.7 acre-ft/yr Victoria County sell or lease; 1951 priority date - Posted: 10-14-02
Guadalupe River ~1500 acre-ft/yr Near Victoria Lease. Prefer Long-Term
San Antonio (Medina Watershed) 27 acre-ft/yr Bandera County Elam Creek
San Antonio River (Elm Bayou) 500 acre-ft/yr Near Tivoli Lease - Prefer Long-Term
Nueces 720 acre-ft/yr Uvalde County Lease
Brazos (Brazos River) 125 acre-ft/yr Robertson County Lease at $34.50 per acre-ft. Posted: 1-26-03
Brazos 1,300 acre-ft/yr Milam County Sell, Priority Date August 31, 1956
Brazos (Little River) 300 acre-ft/yr Milam County

$45/af to lease; sale price negotiable: 1984 priority date

Rio Grande 1500 acre-ft/yr Hudspeth County

800acft at 1924 priority, 700acft at 1909 priority; sale, posted 9/24/2013

Guadalupe (Fall Creek Branch) 128 acre-ft/yr Kerr County

sale or lease 1960 priority, north of Highway 27. posted 4/2/2018

Guadalupe 70-150 acre-ft/yr Kerr County

Lease; 1951 priority date; posted 5/31/18