Bill Nash/Raven Canyon, LLC


  • Category: Agricultural
  • Organization Location: Hunt, Texas; Kerr County
  • Activity: Uses rainwater harvesting in various forms to evenly distribute water year-round to its fruit tree orchards and gardens grown on terraces in a sheltered canyon.


By collecting excess rainfall, Raven Canyon can store and redistribute water over a longer period using 5,000 feet of drip lines, providing higher quality water for better fruit production while avoiding the cost of procuring water from other sources. The entire canyon is managed for rainwater collection with the ability to store more than 27,000 gallons of water. The system includes three pressurized UV-filtered systems, a 10,000-gallon concrete reservoir, three 2,500-gallon accessory storage tanks, plus nine rock dams and two stock tanks located at the bottom of the canyon. Habitat restoration on the site has also changed the water and mineral cycles of Raven Canyon and allowed more effective absorption and filtration.

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