Mansfield Water Utilities and Tarrant Regional Water District Cistern


  • Category: Governmental
  • Organization Location: Mansfield, TX; Tarrant County
  • Activity: Rainwater cistern used to educate residents on the benefits of rainwater collection.


Mansfield Water Utilities installed a 4,800-gallon rainwater harvesting system with a grant awarded by the Tarrant Regional Water District to irrigate an adjacent native plant demonstration garden. The primary goal of the project is to educate residents on the benefits of rainwater harvesting while furthering water conservation on a greater scale. The cistern is located where several city departments are housed and serves as a location for public events and classes. Mansfield plans to include educational signage to provide visitors with further information on the cistern and other rainwater systems. Additional benefits derived from the cistern is that it has reduced runoff, erosion, and flooding on the property.

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