Oohla Bean - Bed and Breakfast


  • Category: Commercial
  • Organization Location: Driftwood, Texas
  • Activity: Designed and built a rainwater collection system to supply all on-site potable water.


Designed to supply all the potable water needs of guests, this system collects rainwater from over 11,000 square feet of roof into a 65,000 gallon corrugated metal tank. HA Architecture designed the facilities in a unique Hill Country-modern style. The roof structures on the individual suites and buildings are constructed in a butterfly style so that rainwater collects in a center gutter before being routed to the edge of the buildings. From there, the rainwater drains into several architecturally decorative columns that are connected to the rainwater collection piping system.

Innovative Water Solutions was responsible for the installation of all system components including over 1,000 feet of piping, a first flush diversion system, a floating filter inside the tank, and a 3 horsepower pump system along with a filtration and disinfection system. Harvesting rainwater instead of using the on-site well did not really save the owner any money upfront, but preserving the groundwater resources in the Texas Hill Country was a pre-construction priority.

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