Leadership Montgomery County Class of 2014


  • Category: Nonprofit
  • Organization Location: Montgomery County, Texas
  • Activity: Installed three rainwater collection systems and water conservation themed educational signage.


Leadership Montgomery County is a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing and enhancing current and future leaders representing myriad local businesses. Each class selects a project that addresses a community need, and this class chose water conservation. The class used direct and in-kind donations to install rainwater harvesting systems at three locations across the county including a 500-gallon tank at Oak Ridge Elementary School and 1000-gallon tanks at both the Bear Branch Sports Fields and the North Montgomery County Community Center.

The goals of the project included teaching class members how to install a rainwater collection system; building real-world, working examples of various types of collection systems to educate the public and leave a legacy for future generations; and encouraging other businesses and community centers to follow suit. The class also created a public-private partnership with the Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District, which hosts the online portion of “Harvesting the Rain”. Each of the three sites includes numerous educational signs describing the project and encouraging wise water use and water conservation practices. The Class of 2014 also made community engagement and outreach a priority with one member even going so far as to build a working rainwater harvesting model which was then donated for use in educational presentations.

Other 2014 winners: