Region H: Freeport Seawater Desalination Project

Total capital cost:
33,600 acre-feet per year by 2060
Startup decade:
The Freeport Seawater Desalination Project is proposed as a public-private partnership between the Brazos River Authority (BRA) and Poseidon Resources. The facility would allow desalinated water to be supplied to wholesale water providers such as the Brazosport Water Authority (BWA) and/or the Gulf Coast Water Authority (GCWA). These wholesale water providers (WWPs) would then be able to replace or augment their supplies with a reliable, high-quality water supply from an alternative source that would reduce water-quality issues that have been encountered in the past.
The proposed facility will be located near Freeport. The proposed location allows access to an existing seawater intake, A801, located across from the port of Freeport or raw water from the Brazos River.

Proposed service area of Freeport's seawater desalination project:

Source: All information derived from 2011 approved regional water plan

Location map of recommended seawater desalination project in Region H

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