Developing Practical Alternatives to Pilot Plant Studies for Innovative Water Technologies

Project Summary:

The project will address alternatives to the requirement for full-scale pilot testing of new membranes under the Texas Administrative Code. The project will assess the legal and cost implications of gaining acceptance of new membranes under alternative approaches.

TWDB Contract Manager:
Jorge A. Arroyo, P.E.
Funding Recipient:
Carollo Engineers Inc.
Project Administrator:
Paul Walker, P.E.
Carollo Engineers Inc.; The University of Texas at El Paso; Steve Walden Consulting; Susan K. Roth Consulting
Project Start Date:
June 2011
Project Completion Date:
February 2014
Total Project Cost:
TWDB Share of Project Cost:
The project will develop a guidance document for alternative pathways to acceptance of new membrane systems. To develop the guidance document, the project will compare model and pilot data to actual plant data to demonstrate that other methods of predicting full-scale plant performance with various membrane types may be achieved without expending hundreds of thousands of dollars in pilot testing costs.

Project Details


Project Sponsors:

Texas Water Development Board
Jorge A. Arroyo, P.E. - Contract Manager
1700 N. Congress Avenue
Austin, TX 78711

Funding Recipient:

Carollo Engineers Inc.
8911 Capital of Texas Highway North
Suite 2200
Austin, Texas 78759

Project Manager:

Carollo Engineers Inc.
Paul Walker, P.E.
8911 Capital of Texas Highway North
Suite 2200
Austin, Texas 78759

Project Milestones

Event Date
Announcement of Request for Proposals in Texas Register February 25, 2011
Initial Statement of Interest received by TWDB April 18, 2011
Study approved by TWDB Board June 22, 2011
Contract executed August 31, 2011

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