Resources for Submitting Groundwater Data

Visit the Submitting Groundwater Data page for general guidance on who can submit data, what kind of data we accept, how to submit data, what information needs to be provided, and how the data is used. Scroll down for templates and guidance documents.


State well number assignment - Excel template for submitting information on a well that needs a state well number assigned.

Water level submission - Excel template for submitting water level data to the TWDB.

Water quality submission - Excel template for submitting water quality data to the TWDB.

Well Schedule - Form for basic information on a water well, used during well site inventory in the field.

Well location sketch - Form for location map sketch for assigning a new state well number. Do not include any confidential information like gate codes or phone numbers.

Guidance Documents

Procedure on how to share data with the TWDB - Instructions for cooperators on best practices for submitting data to the TWDB.

TWDB-approved water level methods - Document describing each of the TWDB-approved methods for obtaining water-level measurements

UM-51 A Field Manual for Groundwater Sampling - Standardized procedures for groundwater quality sampling at the TWDB that explains sample collection and chemical characterization procedures to be followed during any field sampling even by TWDB personnel or any other authorized party or agent.

UM-52 A Field Manual for Groundwater-level Monitoring - Standardized procedures for groundwater-level monitoring that explain planning for, executing, and documenting the results of groundwater-level measurements taken by TWDB personnel or any other authorized party or agent.

Helpful Links

Groundwater Data Viewer - Interactive mapping application that provides access to water-related data for Texas, including TWDB groundwater data, brackish groundwater data, and data from the Submitted Driller's Reports Database.

Water Data for Texas - Groundwater - Interactive mapping application that provides access to automated groundwater-level data from wells in our Recorder Well Program.

Groundwater Database Reports - Reports designed to view a select set of information in the TWDB Groundwater Database.

TCEQ Water Well Report Viewer - Map Viewer for State of Texas Well Reports and Plugging Reports for wells drilled/plugged before 2003.


The Groundwater Data Team is always available for assistance with sharing data. Email us at