Abridged Application Instruction (Word Version)

General Information

Name of Entity
The legal name of the entity applying for financial assistance.
The county where the entity is located.
Regional Water Planning Area
Indicate which regional water planning areas covers the proposed project. Each regional planning area is identified by a letter ranging from A to P.
Contact Person Name and Title
The name and title of the person who should be contacted with questions about the abridged application. This is not required to be the applicant's lead official or authorized signatory.
Mailing Address
The applicant's mailing address, including full nine-digit zip code.
Phone Number
The phone number associated with the Contact Person named above.
Fax Number
Fax number associated with the Contact Person named above (if applicable).
Email Address
Email address for the contact person named above.

Project Description

Name of Project
The name of the project as it appears in the 2016 Regional Water Plan. TWDB staff should be able to identify your project in the plan by referencing this name.
Where does the project appear in the 2016 Regional Water Plan?
The page on which the project is described, as well as the page where its capital costs are listed.
Please attach a list of all water systems served by the proposed project
If the project will serve more than one public water system, please attach a list of all systems served. The list should include systems that purchase water from wholesale providers served by the project.
Phase(s) Applied For
The phase(s) that will be accomplished with the requested assistance. Any combination of Planning, Acquisition, Design, or Construction may be selected.
Population Served When Fully Operational
If the population used here is different from the projection used in the development of the Regional Water Plan, please attach an explanation of your methodology.
Description of the Proposed Project
Please be sure this description includes all major project components and clearly states what the project seeks to accomplish. A high level of detail is not necessary at this stage – such information is collected later in the application process – but the description should make clear that the proposed work is the same identified in the regional water plan.
Select all applicable options to indicate which emergency characteristics are associated with the project or applicant.
Agricultural Efficiency Project?
Indicate whether the project will result in an agricultural efficiency improvement. If the answer is "Yes", please indicate the improvement the project will achieve and attach an explanation of your methodology.
Household Cost Factor Information
TWDB staff will calculate the Household Cost Factor by dividing the project service area's annual average residential water bill into the area's annual median household income. These figures should represent the entire project service area, including all participants if the project is regional in nature.
The proposed project addresses Conservation/Water Loss
Indicate whether the project will address conservation or water loss. This baseline information will allow TWDB staff to conduct further review using existing data.
Annual Volume of Water Produced/Conserved
Please be sure to provide your response in acre-feet per year.
Readiness to Proceed
Select all applicable options to indicate the project's readiness to move forward after the application is submitted.

Estimated Costs

Estimated Project Costs
The amount requested in each category of assistance, as well as local project funding and assistance from other sources.
Anticipated Commitments
Multi-year commitments provide the option to receive a commitment for the entire project amount, but close on portions of it over time. If "Multi-Year Commitment" is selected, please attach your proposed closing schedule, which includes the amount of funding requested per year.

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