TWDB Agency Financial Assistance Metrics



Represents data from the state fiscal year. The state fiscal year runs from September 1 - August 31.


A formal request from an eligible applicant seeking TWDB financial assistance. This application refers to a full financial application and not any Project Information Forms (PIFs) or Abridged Applications. Eligible applicants will vary depending on the financial assistance program’s requirements.

Bid Documents

Documentation associated with project advertisement, bid submission, and review and concurrence in award of a construction contract for a project.


A financial commitment represents a statement of intent by the board to provide the committed amount to the entity to support project activities. A commitment may represent in a single closing and transfer of funds or may represent a summary total intended to be disbursed over multiple closings.

Funding Release

Represents confirmation that a transfer of funds to the entity has been completed.


Documents submitted by a financial assistance recipient to request the release of funding or to prove project activities were eligible for funding from the TWDB's financial assistance programs.


A scope of work planned to achieve a specific goal taking the form of a study, planning and/or design work, or a capital improvement, for a water, wastewater, stormwater, or drainage water infrastructure need. The TWDB’s projects may have multiple funding commitments from any single or multiple TWDB financial assistance program(s).