Funding the State Water Plan

The funds available through SWIFT and SWIRFT will help Texas communities of all sizes—from small rural towns to large metropolitan areas—develop drought-proof water supplies.  Projects range from conservation and reuse, to desalting groundwater and seawater, to building new pipelines and developing reservoirs and well fields, to many more.

To be eligible for funding, a project must be included in the most recent state water plan.  These projects were recommended by local and regional water experts for their communities.

The legislature directed the TWDB to undertake applying not less than 20 percent of SWIFT financial assistance for water conservation and reuse projects. The TWDB is also directed to undertake applying an additional 10 percent for projects to serve rural areas, including agricultural conservation projects.

Information on TWDB's other financial assistance programs can be found on our website.  Also on our website are stories about past projects that were recommended in the state water plan.