Monthly Featured Story - November 2015 | Texas Water Development Board

Back to the future: 2022 water planning starts now November 2015

In just a few weeks, on December 1, final adopted drafts of the 2016 regional water plans will be submitted to the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB). On this same day, the TWDB will open the application process for its second round of funding from the State Water Implementation Fund for Texas (SWIFT).

Water planning in Texas is a full-time job. It happens when there's drought (more often than not) and when there's rain (less often). The regional water plans due this December will shape the 2017 State Water Plan, which will outline our state's water needs for the next 50 years.

In Texas, the state water plan is released every five years. When the TWDB published the 2012 State Water Plan, Texas' 16 regional water planning groups had already started working on plans for 2017. Now, as we inch closer to 2017, planning for the 2022 State Water Plan is revving up.

Although plans are published every five years, the preparation and planning is ongoing. If you've wanted to become more involved in the water issues facing your community, your region, or the state of Texas as a whole, now is the time to jump in.

Find out which regional water planning group you belong to by visiting the TWDB's interactive planning group map. Groups cover the state, from Region A in the Panhandle to Region M in the Rio Grande Valley and from Region E in Far West Texas to Region I in East Texas.

The regional water planning groups provide indispensable vision, information, and solutions on water issues facing Texas. Their detailed data on population, water supplies, and water needs form the foundation of the state water plan. Because communities are the best experts on their local water issues, the TWDB relies on the planning groups for their very specific advice and input.

Other states have praised Texas for its in-depth and forward-thinking water planning process, not surprisingly; taking the lead on an important issue is what Texans have always done best.

We want every Texan to join the water development efforts happening across the state, so contact your regional water planning group to get started!