Monthly Featured Story - July 2012 | Texas Water Development Board

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The Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) informs and educates Texans about water conservation and the responsible development of the state's water resources, and one way we do this is through our publications.

Who uses our materials?  To name a few: Texas residents who want to learn where they can drill viable wells for their farms or how they can save water.  Local and regional water authorities looking for ways to get the most from their water resources.  And classroom teachers who want to educate their students about the power of conservation.

Today more than 1,800 of our documents are posted online.  One of the most viewed is the 2012 State Water Plan, tallying more than 13,000 readers so far this year.  In addition to the documents on our Web site, many are printed.  Over the past three years, we've printed more than 800,000 conservation brochures alone.

You may use, copy and distribute these TWDB pieces as often as you want, although we would appreciate acknowledgment.  You may also obtain a hard copy of many of these publications for a small fee to cover printing and shipping.

From conservation to desalination, flood protection studies to groundwater, TWDB materials range from brochures to full-length reports and information sheets to maps.  There are historic reports dating back to 1936 and the results of cutting-edge, current research conducted by our staff.  Here's a sampling of what we offer.

  • The 2012 State Water Plan presents information on the state's current and projected water supplies and spells out strategies to meet water needs in drought conditions, the cost of such strategies and estimates on how much financial assistance is needed from the state to implement these strategies.
  • Our brochures include a variety of conservation brochures that provide water-saving tips for homes and businesses, as well as educational pieces for children in the classroom.  They are available free of charge in limited amounts, or for sale when larger quantities are requested.
  • Our numbered report series reflects important research TWDB's scientific staff conduct to support groundwater and surface water projects.  This set currently includes 396 volumes.
  • The various types of maps available on TWDB Map Catalog also demonstrate the breadth of scientific and water planning efforts at the agency.  You can download most of these maps in various sizes.  Information, guides and fact sheets cover topics such as rainwater harvesting, financial assistance programs, water planning and flood mitigation resources.
  • Administrative reports include financial reports, legislative appropriations requests, state revolving fund annual reports and strategic plans.
  • Other materials include groundwater bulletins and reports, contract reports and limited printing reports spanning topics like wastewater treatment, cloud seeding, well records and maps.

These are just some of the publications we have available.  If it's related to Texas water, you can learn more about it by visiting the Publications section of our Web site.