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Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer-based tool that facilitates mapping and spatial analysis of the Earth's features and events.  Hidden in most data is a geographical component: an address, postal code, census block, city, county, or latitude/longitude coordinate.  GIS software lets you see, explore, and analyze data by location, revealing hidden patterns, relationships, and trends that are not readily apparent in spreadsheets or statistical packages.

With GIS, you can display water bodies, track animal migration patterns, find the best location for a new power plant, model the path of water pollution, and this is just the tip of the GIS 'iceberg'.  More than a simple map maker, it is a dynamic system that allows you to select and remove any criteria on the map to quickly analyze how different factors affect your model and ultimately help you make decisions for complicated problems.

All TWDB's Maps and GIS data are available to public at the cost of reproduction plus shipping.

For any questions pertaining to Lake Contour Maps, please refer to the Hydrographic Surveys

  • State Legislators, TWDB employees, and other State agencies working in coordination with the TWDB on a specific project are exempt from costs
  • Custom maps pertaining to ground and/or surface water concerns are also available and cost estimates are given upon request

Questions on Maps

Please contact us by calling 512-463-8337 for assistance with maps, GIS data, our map services, or any other GIS-related needs.  You can also email us at Map Request.