The Alvarez Residence


  • Category: Residential
  • Organization Location: San Antonio, Texas
  • Activity: Create 18,000 gallons of water tight storage space for harvested rain in the fill material beneath the driveway.


The Alvarez Residence in San Antonio uses an innovative method for storing captured rainwater. The garage sits four feet off the natural grade requiring hundreds of tons of fill to build up the driveway. Aquabank, Incorporated created 18,000 gallons of storage space for rainwater in the fill material beneath the driveway. Using their patented system, Aquabank™ lined the driveway with an impervious membrane, used washed structural gravel for fill, and brought it to grade with the garage using concrete. The void spaces between the gravel provide storage space for rainwater, much like in a natural gravel aquifer.

Rain from the roof, driveway, and patio funnels into the aquifer where it is stored for later use in the drip irrigation system. The unique design of this system could also be installed under commercial buildings, parking lots, and even football fields. The Alvarez House showcases Aquabank’s innovative design combining storm water management and rainwater harvesting even though, now that it is finished, you cannot actually see it.

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